We Are a Reliable Contract Packaging Company Located in Texas

If you are in need of a packaging company in Texas, consider contacting us as we are located in Fort Worth.  We offer several product packaging services that hundreds of companies rely on. Tell us about your specifications and we will give you a no hassle quote for your fort worth packaging needs 

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Product Heat Shrink Wrap

If you need items shrink wrapped in a heat shrink film, we can help! We offer a contract packaging service. We use our in-house sealer and heat tunnel machines in conjunction with high quality polyolefin films supplied by our partners to wrap the items you need covered. Request a quote today!

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Contract Kitting in Fort Worth Texas

Woods Distribution provides the perfect kitting manufacture solution to quickly and cost-effectively prepare wholesale kits, retail pallets and shippers. Our kitting services are especially invaluable if your distribution operations involve turning multiple products into product kits, whether they are club packs, promotion kits or multi-packs. Request a quote today!

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Display Packaging & Fulfillment

If you need an attractive point of sale display packaging or a special point of purchase (POP) solution, Woods Distribution has it covered! We can handle stock or custom corrugated displays, floor stands, point-of-purchase and point of sale displays, power wings, floor stands and more. To ensure effective packaging of your product, Woods Distribution provides both packaging and fulfillment, which includes assembly, labeling, blister packs, clamshells, shrink wrapping, inserting and kitting. Woods Distribution can also provide turnkey solutions including manufacture, assemble, fulfill and deliver everything required to make your retail display packaging successful. Whatever your display needs, we will create a retail presentation that brings the attention and sales you desire. Request a quote today!

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Product Assembly

We offer contract product assembly & product kitting and built on years of experience and consistent quality. We provide product assembly services with a capacity for high-volume projects. Woods Distribution can provide the quick turnarounds you need with absolute accuracy and on-time delivery. Request a quote today!
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Product Packaging

Your product can be shipped directly to our Fort Worth warehouse and once we have the product in our facility our team will weigh and measure the product, create a packaging design tailored to the needs of your product, produce the product packaging solution and then package the product for shipment. Shipment to the final destination is typically done directly from Woods Distribution facility or we can return it to you. In some cases, our customers need to ship multiple items to Woods Distribution for consolidation prior to packing; in these situations, we can provide space for this purpose, track the receipts whether they are from your facility or your supplier’s, then assemble the items as required prior to packing. Request a quote today!

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Looking For Food Packaging Companies in Texas?

We are able to meet just about any Food Packaging needs and we can also become your fulfillment partner if needed. Our customers rely on us to make sure all their food packages are safely and securely taken care of in a timely manner. We service many types of food industries:

  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Fast Casual
  • Food Service
  • Casual Dining
  • Industrial Food Service and more!
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